Nature does not produce rubbish. Men produce rubbish.

Nowadays in our society the use of paper and cartoon is in a constant increase. For its production, beside the cellulose fibers obtained by the trees, are necessary big quantity of water and energy. High quality paper is obtained using virgin fibers , instead recycling fibers are used for the production of wrapping paper, cartoons, and daily newspaper and so long…

Recycling paper is very important:

  • To reduce the use of first materials ( noble materials )
  • To reduce the use of water and energy
  • To reduce the quantity of rubbish to be eliminated
  • To protect our environment and nature.

Chef: Cem ambient, Comieco ( National Consortium for the recover and recycle of the packaging with material cellulosic based), Greem

The workshop “ La Locomotiva”, in order to reduce the quantity of energy used for the elimination of rubbish, uses in its production only recycled paper. For the production of objects made with paper stuck with glue, the workshop “ La Locomotiva” beside using only recycled paper, uses also natural glue.

The concept of recycling, also for the paper, is fundamental for our and our children life.
For all the reasons above listed, the workshop “La Locomotiva” will follow this philosophy
Both in its production and both cooperating with academic programs

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